Wholesale commercial table linen

What's for dinner...?

Table linen comes in two types - Polyester and Cotton:

Polyester table linen comes from Milliken as Passport.

We have polyester table linen in plain and damask rose in black or white.

This is considered by users to be the best cloth on the market.

Table cloths are made in Nelson to order.

We have some coloured Signature cloth left to clear - please ask.

Serviettes (or Napkins) are held in stock.

Polyester is easy care, long lasting, and Milliken's products have a patented soft touch feel.

Cotton table linen is mostly Rose Damask patterned cloth in white only (there is no coloured cotton).

Cotton needs more care and ironing but rewards you with a beautiful lustrous finish and that traditional, crisp feel.

All table cloths are made to order so please allow up to 10 working days. During busy times like Christmas it may be longer.

Need help choosing?

Remember: We are a commercial textiles wholesaler - min order of 10 per item.