Supercale Polycotton

Slip Bag 52x90cm Supercale White

Slip Supercale Bag

250 thread count 50/50 polycotton

What is it?
SuperCale polycotton in 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester with a thread count of 250 making them a higher grade sheet for commercial linen hire or in-house laundry for motels and hotels. Some laundries use this to have a higher spec product than mainstream.

A higher thread count and superior quality and specification make the sheet thicker, crisper, and just plain better.

Who is it for?
Recommended for motels doing their own laundry in-house as it will show less creases and need less, if any, ironing. The fabric has less memory - hence less creasing.

Good for laundries, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts - anywhere a higher grade, commercial, polycotton sheeting at wholesale prices is needed.

What is available?
Flat sheets, fitted sheets, envelope pillowslips, and bag pillowslips.

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