Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats

Anti-Fatigue and Rubber Mats

We are the NZ importer of Milliken's world renowned walk-off mats.

What are they?
Laundry washable rubber mats having cushioned construction that helps reduce foot, ankle and back fatigue in areas where employees and visitors stand for a long period of time.

Kex Comfort:
Anti-fatigue mats for employees who stand up most of the day in areas like checkout counters, behind bars, assembly lines or service counters

Anti-fatigue mats with antimicrobial property and large drainage holes suitable for areas where there is likelihood of liquids spilling on the ground and creating slips. Suitable in kitchen, bars, freezers, food preparation areas, health clubs, restrooms etc.

Anti-fatigue mats with antimicrobial property and unique flow-through design providing stability and support while allowing liquids to drain away from surface. Suitable for kitchens, bars, freezers, gym lockers, food processing areas etc.