Polyester Table Linen Round

Britannia Textiles are the NZ importer of Milliken polyester table linen - Passport.

What is it?
This is considered by users to be the best cloth on the market.

Milliken are a world leading textile manufacturer and all their products are top grade.

Passport 2 is the latest cloth which is made by them in China and then exported world wide (they even import it back into the States). We hold this in white and black.

We now stock a luxurious damask rose in both black and white, also from Milliken.


- Made by Milliken who have a reputation to uphold and some of the best R&D and testing facilities anywhere.
- Patented processes mean better cloth.
- White and black made in China so compete head on with other Chinese cloths on price.
- Holds starch for those who like a stiff cloth.
- Easy wash and soil release.