Floor mats that make life easier and look great!

Made for every type of industry as they are washable and very long lasting.

Our dust stop mats are used as entrance, walkway, corridor, hallway, office and reception mats. They have a nitrile backing and solution dyed nylon top. They last years in laundries even with being washed regularly.

Rubber mats come in two types:
- Kex Comfort anti-fatigue mats with a safe, grease resistant surface, and unique cushion ergonomics reducing both noise and fatigue. Or,
- Ultrasan and Ultraflow 3x5' antimicrobial, anti-fatigue mats ideal for wet areas and food preparation areas.

Welcome message mats greet and welcome staff and visitors with a striking welcome, kia ora or welcome with silver fern.

Finally, the custom designed logo mat for those who want to make a huge impression! You can have an individually printed, designer, bespoke mat that will turn heads.

Look for useful information regarding mat care here.