Barrier Gown (Double Ply) Millishield

Barrier Gown

Our 2 most popular barrier gowns are:

* Barrier gown double layer Millishield (a top of the line product from Milliken) at just $44 on special (exc gst, min order 10), and
* Dr/nurses cover in simple blue bloc for non critical work.
Barrier Garments made from Britannia Textiles barrier fabric are designed to meet applicable industry standards such as AS3789.2-1991, AS3789.3-1994, and AS3789.9-1997.
Design and construction options have been included to enhance barrier protection:

* Single piece body (minimal seams)
* Arm seams located on top
* Comfortable gusset depth
* Double skin options

Fabrics have been successfully tested for moisture repellancy (spray test) and compression (heads of gravity test) over a number of wash cycles without additional chemical barrier treatments.

We have 3 different grades of barrier fabric:
* Blue bloc - A basic untested fabric suitable for showers and light protection,
* Polyester Barrier Fabric - a mid range full barrier,
* Millishield - a top of the line fabric from Milliken that is rated for full barrier duties in one layer only.

Product price: $44.00
Subtotal: $44.00
GST (15%): $6.60
Total: $50.60