Egyptian Cotton Range

Spa Towel 690gm 96x137cm No Header White - Egyptian Cotton

690g Spa Towel

Product specification:-

Product name - Spa Towel
Weight - 690gm
Size - 96x137cm
Pattern - No Header
Fabric - Egyptian Cotton

Softest 'Egyptian' cotton in heavy towels for the best hospitality

Suitable for upper range hospitality these are the best towels in commercial use.

What is it?
Egyptian cotton has long been associated with the softest, most luxurious towelling products available. They use extra-long fibres (about twice the normal size) ranging from 1.5 to 2.25 inches. This allows them to be spun into very fine yarns producing yarns that are soft, lustrous, more absorbent, and breathes better.

Because it is long and narrow it allows a higher thread count making it stronger and more durable.
Note that very little cotton is actually grown in Egypt and 'Egyptian' is used to describe the type or breed of cotton.

Who is it for?
These towels are suitable for premium hospitality use and corporate gifts. The bath sheets are great massage table covers/wrap around spa towels etc.

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Total: $9.21