Douceur 28mm Sateen Stripe

Douceur Sheets

High-end bed sheets for up-market hotels, motels and bed & breakfast.
Sateen 28mm stripe, 312 thread count, 50/50 poly cotton

What is it?
This is high quality and high thread count sheet, with a point of difference, yet it is still made to commercial standards so it can be processed easily.

The shiny sateen stripe on this beautiful sheet gives a luxurious look to the bed. The 312 thread count is the highest thread count recommended for a luxurious sheet that breathes and allows moisture to escape.
A good system in place to manage this type of sheet is recommended as all sateen stripe sheets are more susceptible to possible pilling. We do not recommend tumble drying a Douceur sheet.

Who is it for?
Suitable for up-market hospitality businesses

We introduced sateen striped sheeting to the New Zealand market and we think this is still the best on the market. Experience shows that rental clients will pay a premium for an exclusive range such as this.

It is also a great option to opt for as a top sheet when considering triple sheeting.

What is available?
Flat sheets and envelope pillowcases.

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