Wholesale commercial bedroom linen

We wholesale a wide range of sheets and pillowcases for commercial use in white that are made to our own high specification and design. Designed for laundry, motel, hotel, health care, hospital, rest home use.

Most of our sheets are made in our Nelson sewing room from either CottonRich or a PolyCotton blend. This means that customers can have their own labels if required.

Our range:

Standard commercial grade 180tc sheeting comes in 50/50 PolyCotton or 80/20 CottonRich

Better 250tc is SuperCale

And our top shelf 312tc Douceur 28ml sateen stripe or

Luxury 75/25 cotton polyester with a 4mm stripe 250tc

We also stock fitted sheets.

Need some help to decide? Confused about thread counts? Check out our... Choosing Sheets guide

Remember: We are a commercial textiles wholesaler - min order of 10 per item.